1. collecting UUIDs in 2021

    I recently got some new energy to invest in that UUID collection project. Since I won't be scraping all the internet web pages forever (the below folder is already large enough), I wanted to give a go again to the idea of having a binary that would enumerate various UUID …

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  2. Statistics on the UUID sources

    I'm lying it's actually way older than this date. It contains spam noise.

         1 A random guy on the internet
         1 same guy actually
         1 posh
         1 Frank Ellermann, probably
         1 https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc220980.aspx
         1 JerryVaf
         1 RobertmirEe
         1 https://twitter.com/_the_RedBaron_/status …
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  3. The UUID privacy concerns

    (date not exactly right heh)

    uuidv1 sequential, by default

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  4. Mechanical Pixels

    I like mechanical pixels, and specifically non-LCD / cathodic screens. Below is a list of existing devices.

    1. Daniel Rozin : Spinning penguins (Daniel Rozin)

    This guy has a lot of cool mechanical bit matrix displays, including the three below. A full list is visible at http://www.smoothware.com/danny/.

    A …

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  5. « Brother UUIDs », or why UUIDs are not unique

    (Two years later: I was wrong. I opened some RFC comment and when staring a lot at the RFC it turns out there's no problem.)

    The RFC problem

    This is an actual problem in the RFC, that should be fixed one day, hopefully. Check out the « 4.1.1. Variant …

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  6. UuidCreate predictability

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  7. Remarkable UUIDs

    (I now deeply regred having written things on the twitter website, own your data folks.)

    A set of remarkable UUIDs in my database

    While archiving UUIDs, I stumbled on strange, remarkable UUIDs, that could have their place in an article about remarkable UUIDs.

    Below is a twitter link pointing to …

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  8. Database creation

    In this article:

    • Why this database was created
    • What are the underlying technologies
    • Some early strategies and stories
    • Information on the collection scripts
    • Some « fun facts » about broken things

    Why this database was created

    Initially, I did some DFIR jobs at my previous employer. When doing forensics, specifically on Microsoft …

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