Mechanical Pixels

I like mechanical pixels, and specifically non-LCD / cathodic screens. Below is a list of existing devices.

1. Daniel Rozin : Spinning penguins (Daniel Rozin)

This guy has a lot of cool mechanical bit matrix displays, including the three below. A full list is visible at

A kinect device does the bit-capture job, and some custom software activates the N×M rotating penguin-equipped motors. hotlinked from

2. Rotating wooden blocks (Daniel Rozin)

Light comes from the top of the screen, and slightly rotating the blocks changes their color. hotlinked from hotlinked from

Finally, in the same style his rotating peg mirror and his weave mirror.

3. Faux fur Pom pom (Daniel Rozin)

Same concept, a set of small motors are now pushing black pom-pom(s?) in front of the whites.

hotlinked from

4. Magnetic cells (and other electronic papers)

Well, wikipedia says it better than me.

5. Magnetic solenoid & rotating spindle (hikikomorphism) : « Mechanical pixel prototype. Small panel with embedded magnet switches orientation to show black or white side based on direction of current through coil. Thanks to local HRT maximalist @beka_valentine and anarchist hackerspace @noisebridge for helping me source magnet wire »

That's basically a manual minimalist rotating motor. (You know, Maxwell, etc.) Pretty cool.

6. A fuckton (metric) of flipping circles : « flip-dot »

In an unsourced youtube video, you have a large example :

And in this Master Thesis, Robert Zacharias (2017) shows a set of good things :

7. ?

Please send me on twitter any more example of such a screen, thanks !