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ac76ba86-7ad7-1049-5b44-ab0000000001 1648-04-29 08:33:22⋮97350·17c46 qrSfbqHovOEu
Variantreserved for NCS compatibility
Clock ID6980
Clock ID (hex)0x1b44
Timestamp, RFC1648-04-29 08:33:22
Timestamp, MS1666-07-17 08:33:22
Timestamp, UNIX2035-07-17 08:33:22
Raw hex timestamp0x497ad7ac76ba86
Raw timestamp20682740029897350
Sub-millisecond timestamp97350
MAC Addressab0000000001
is_local bitTrue
is_multicast bitTrue
MAC ManufacturerNone
UUIDv1timestamp + clock_id + version (1) + node ID (MAC)
MAC DateNone
Brother UUID ac76ba86-7ad7-1049-7b44-ab0000000001 1648-04-29 08:33:22⋮97350·17c46 MSI:Adobe Reader XI (11.0.01) - Russian version 11.0.01 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Product Family0xAC76BA8
Product Family Version6
Reader ID31447
Is Adobe ReaderTrue
Language code1049
Language code inforu-ru : Russian / Russia
Product type23364
Product type infoNone
License typea (Adobe Reader)
Trackb (Beta)
Major version0
Minor version0
Minor minor version0
Future use (currently zero)1
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