Why ?
There was a need for a global UUID database, indexing all the known UUIDs in the world, because randomly copypasting things on search engines isn't something anyone should do. This website is an answer for the UUID indexing need, made with love by your neighbourly django adept. Feel free to contribute.

How to contribute ?
Just go to, and add a comment. That will leave this comment for the next lad on the internet looking for this specific UUID.
Current UUID count : 9762

Why are there scores ?
I don't know, I just wanted to have a way for people to score comments so that the best are visible. The best comment "title" is used as UUID "name".

Should I add all the UUIDs in the world ?
Yes, as long as they are global. Don't add disk partitions uuids specific to your hardware, but add anything that anyone might want to look up online.
Ideally, I would like to collect all the strange Microsoft Windows UUIDs, and all the strange UUIDs from all the strange places that might exist.
Automation script to push long lists : github gist
Automation script to collect Windows "Installer\UserData\*\Product" MSI UUIDs : github gist
Automation script to collect Windows "Active Setup\Installed Components" UUIDs :github gist
Automation script to collect Windows CLSID : github gist
Automation script to push MSDN copypasted CSIDL : github gist

What about publishing data and collecting IPs ?
I don't store IP addresses except in HTTP logs, and all the data is public domain.
Complete UUID list (text/plain streamed data) : full

What's next ?
I'll add a search, maybe some anti-spam features, and a full export API.

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