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ac76ba86-1053-df60-5760-000000000004 notitle
Variantreserved for NCS compatibility
Not an RFC4122 UUID actuallyThe version bits aren't corretly set.
Alternative encoding86ba76ac-5310-60df-5760-000000000004
Alternative encoding86ba76ac-60df-5310-0000-605704000000
(would-be) MAC Address000000000004
(would-be) is_local bitFalse
(would-be) is_multicast bitFalse
(would-be) MAC Manufacturer00:00:00
(would-be) MAC Date2000-09-08, deepmac.org, 000000/24
Product Family0xAC76BA8
Product Family Version6
Is Adobe ReaderFalse
Language code1053
Language code infosv-se : Swedish / Sweden
Additional Languages (☎)57184
Additional Language nΒ°16 : [MNO]* (Norwegian)
Additional Language nΒ°2f : F* (French, Finnish)
Additional Language nΒ°3d : D* (Danish)
Product type22368
Product type infoNone
License type0 (Retail licensing)
Track0 (None)
Major version0
Minor version0
Minor minor version0
Future use (currently zero)4
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