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a0b44673-0014-1101-0410-705c0d862004 1812-01-08 21:02:41โ‹ฎ53587ยท d153 notitle
Variantreserved for NCS compatibility
Bytesรกโ”คFsโ€โ”โ‘โโ„โp\โรฅ โ„
Clock ID1040
Clock ID (hex)0x410
Timestamp, RFC1812-01-08 21:02:41
Timestamp, MS1830-03-27 21:02:41
Timestamp, UNIX2199-03-26 21:02:41
Raw hex timestamp0x1010014a0b44673
Raw timestamp72339157610153587
Sub-millisecond timestamp53587
MAC Address705c0d862004
is_local bitFalse
is_multicast bitFalse
MAC ManufacturerNone
UUIDv1timestamp + clock_id + version (1) + node ID (MAC)
MAC DateNone
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