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MSI:Zune Language Pack (TRK)

90120000-0020-0412-0000-0000000ff1ce MSI:Zune Language Pack (TRK)
Variantreserved for NCS compatibility
BytesÉ␒␀␀␀ ␄␒␀␀␀␀␀␏±╬
Not an RFC4122 UUID actuallyThe version bits aren't corretly set.
Alternative encoding00001290-2000-1204-0000-0000000ff1ce
Alternative encoding00001290-1204-2000-0000-0000cef10f00
(would-be) MAC Address0000000ff1ce
(would-be) is_local bitFalse
(would-be) is_multicast bitFalse
(would-be) MAC Manufacturer00:00:00
(would-be) MAC Date2000-09-08, deepmac.org, 000000/24
Has the Microsoft Office suffix (000000FF1CE)True
Release version9
Release version infoRTM. This is the first version that is shipped (the initial release).
Release type0
Release type infoVolume license
Major version18
Minor version0
Product ID32
Product ID infoNone
Language identifier1042
Language identifier infoko-kr : Korean / Korea
x86/x64 (is_64bit)False
Office Family ID1044942
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