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Adobe Refresh Manager

ac76ba86-0804-1033-1959-000182442176 1628-04-21 01:06:37⋮96998·17ae6 Adobe Refresh Manager
Variantreserved for NCS compatibility
Clock ID6489
Clock ID (hex)0x1959
Timestamp, RFC1628-04-21 01:06:37
Timestamp, MS1646-07-09 01:06:37
Timestamp, UNIX2015-07-09 01:06:37
Raw hex timestamp0x330804ac76ba86
Raw timestamp14364039978596998
Sub-millisecond timestamp96998
MAC Address000182442176
is_local bitFalse
is_multicast bitFalse
MAC ManufacturerDicaTech
UUIDv1timestamp + clock_id + version (1) + node ID (MAC)
MAC Date2000-09-08, deepmac.org, 000182/24
Brother UUID ac76ba86-0804-1033-3959-000182442176 1628-04-21 01:06:37⋮96998·17ae6 notitle
Product Family0xAC76BA8
Product Family Version6
Is Adobe ReaderFalse
Language code804
Language code infoNone
Additional Languages (☎)4147
Additional Language n°13 : None
Additional Language n°23 : None
Additional Language n°31 : None
Product type6489
Product type infoNone
License type0 (Retail licensing)
Track0 (None)
Major version1
Minor version130
Minor minor version17441
Future use (currently zero)118
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